Laser Eye Surgery – Your Online Guide To The Latest Lasik Eye Surgery Techniques

If your eyes are the window to your soul then doesn’t it make sense to maintain their appearance and keep them looking like the grand entrance way they should be. Eye surgery techniques have improved immensely during the last few years with more and more people taking the opportunity to improve both their vision and appearance.

Lasik eye surgery has been a godsend for people wanting improved vision. In Lasik eye surgery, the precise and controlled removal of corneal tissue; reshaping of the cornea and giving it renewed focusing power, has literally turned eye surgery “on it’s head.”

Where once glasses or contact lenses compensated for the eye’s imperfections, now people are turning to Lasik eye surgery. Patients with conditions such as myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia or combinations of the aforementioned, have become aware of the success rate of Lasik eye surgery and are going “under the laser.”

Laser Eye Surgery Procedures

Lasik is not the only laser eye surgery available to people. Non-laser refractive procedures are also available. This involves inserting artificial lenses into the eye; the resultant low heat radio waves reshape the eye.

The average cost of Lasik eye surgery has steadily risen in the last few years mainly due to the popularity of the procedure. The cost however, has not deterred people from going under the surgeon’s laser.

Cataract eye surgery is another procedure with an extremely high success rate; estimates have it at about 99%. Cataracts can only be removed through surgery. No medications or eye drops will make cataracts disappear.

Cosmetic Eye Surgery – Maintaining A Youthful Appearance

It’s not just vision improvement people are after. Let’s face it, age catches up with all of us but in the 21st. century, eye lift plastic surgery techniques have become so advanced that ending up on the surgeon’s table is no longer a tough decision for patients.

Baby boomers, responsible for a myriad of trends during the last 50 years, are wanting to stay looking young and cosmetic eye surgery, eye lift plastic surgery, eye lift surgery…call it what you like; these forms of appearance enhancing procedures are now an attractive option for people despite the costs and risks involved.

Laser Eye Surgery & Lasik Risks

As with any type of surgery there are risks involved and laser eye surgery is no different. However, the benefits far outweigh the risks which are minimal. By going through proper pre-screening and being truthful with your surgeon you can cut down risk significantly. Here’s a shortlist of the complications which can occur:

– A few patients experience halos, glare or double vision after surgery, which serious night vision problems.

– under treatment or over treatment

– severe dry eye syndrome

– another laser eye surgery risk is for results to decrease over time, especially in patients with farsighted vision.

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